The Regional Maritime University collaborates with DNV to combat challenges in the maritime sector brought forth by advancing technology

On the dynamic landscape of the maritime sector, the convergence of academia and industry stands as a critical force in confronting the challenges brought forth by advancing technologies. Acknowledging this necessity, the Regional Maritime University (RMU) in partnership with Net Norske Veritas (DNV) and Benmarine Service (BmS) have embarked on a strategic partnership, aiming to pool collaborative efforts to address the disruptions induced by the proliferation of distribution technology within the maritime domain.

A section of some participants at the seminar.

The genesis of this partnership was marked by a seminal event, wherein both institutions convened at the University Auditorium of the Regional Maritime University on Friday, 22nd March 2024. The seminar brought together stakeholders from the Ghana Gas Commission, SeaWorld, MODEC, Petroleum Commission, Ghana Maritime Authority, lecturers and students of the RMU as well as other industry players to discuss solutions to some challenges within the sector.  The gathering served as a platform to introduce the collaborative venture to the faculties, staff, and students of both entities. The seminar was imperative for such collaboration stemmed from RMU’s significant role in shaping Ghana’s maritime and oil and gas industries by producing adept professionals who have made substantial contributions to sectoral development. Aligned with the Petroleum Commission’s LI 2204, regulation 20 – 21, RMU sought to bolster its status as the premier center for Maritime Education through a synergistic alliance with DNV/BmS, aiming to augment the quality of education and training dispensed by the institution.

Dr. Dennis Njumo Atehnjia, Provost, RMU.

The partnership between RMU and DNV Maritime Academy is multifaceted, with a primary objective to enhance capacity building pertinent to the maritime industry. Dr. Dennis Njumo Atehnjia, the Provost of RMU, elucidated on this aspect during the inaugural seminar, emphasizing the pivotal role of collaboration in upgrading selected vocational courses to international standards. Such initiatives are envisaged to bridge the existing skills gap, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the requisite proficiencies to navigate the complexities of the industry’s evolving landscape.

Mr. Frederick Asamoah (MSc), the Managing Director of DNV BmS Ghana JV Limited, echoed Dr. Atenhjai’s sentiments, highlighting the significance of joint research projects, workshops, and seminars in fostering knowledge exchange and intellectual discourse within the maritime and oil and gas community. This collaborative endeavor is envisioned not only to catalyze innovation but also to lay the groundwork for best practices that will shape the trajectory of the maritime and oil and gas industries.

Mr. Frederick Asamoah (MSc), the Managing Director of DNV BmS Ghana JV Limited.

The partnership between RMU and DNV Maritime Academy holds the promise of yielding transformative outcomes. By leveraging synergies and sharing insights, the collaboration is poised to cultivate a culture of innovation, paving the way for the emergence of best practices that are pivotal for navigating the challenges posed by distribution technology. Moreover, through enhanced capacity building initiatives, graduates of RMU are poised to emerge as industry-ready professionals, primed to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of Ghana’s maritime sector and beyond.

Some officials from DNV Maritime Academy.

Other speakers for the day also included the Vice President, Business Development at DNV, Mr. Conn Fagan. He spoke on Floating Liquid Natural Gas (FLNG).

In essence, the partnership between RMU and DNV Maritime Academy epitomizes a concerted effort to harness collective expertise and resources to address the challenges and opportunities presented by advancing technologies in the maritime domain. By fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and nurturing talent, this partnership sets a precedence for synergistic alliances that are indispensable in steering the maritime industry towards a sustainable and prosperous future.


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