Regional Maritime University to embark on strategic partnership with EU’S SEACOP V initiative group

In a significant move to combat maritime illicit trade and associated criminal networks, the Regional Maritime University played host to a delegation from Seacop V, a sea port cooperating project led by Mr. Akiyi-Egnim Akala, the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Africa. The visit, which took place today at the University in Accra, signifies a crucial step forward in the global fight against illicit maritime activities in the targeted countries and regions of Latin America, the Caribbean, and West Africa.

Aligned with human rights principles, this collaborative effort seeks to alleviate the negative impacts on security, public health, the environment, and socio-economic development. Dr. Jethro W. Brooks, welcoming the delegation, emphasized the paramount importance of such collaborative initiatives in the ongoing battle against illicit maritime trade. “The university looks forward to officially starting a partnership with the Seacop V initiative for a better security standing for the maritime industry,” remarked Dr. Brooks.

This collaboration if initiated, will signify the active involvement of the educational institutions in creating a safer and more secured global environment, thus addressing illicit activities that threaten the stability and safety of our seas.

The European Union’s Global Illicit Flows Programme (GIFP) is leading a resolute bid to combat the global trafficking of illicit goods through its SEACOP V project. This marks a significant milestone in the fight against maritime illicit trade, with the initiative spanning 30 months from May 2021 to December 2023. The project is actively working to bolster maritime security and foster collaboration among targeted countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and West Africa.

Illicit trafficking, orchestrated by transnational criminal groups, poses a severe threat to social and economic development, public health, and governance. The transatlantic axis, stretching from Latin America through the Caribbean and West Africa to Europe, serves as a major conduit for these illegal activities. SEACOP V, a collaborative effort involving relevant authorities and EU agencies, aims to address this issue with a consistent and simultaneous approach.

This partnership will inspire a united front against the threats posed by illicit maritime trade and criminal networks and also expected to yield innovative strategies and solutions by actively engaging educational institutions in the ongoing fight against maritime crime, contributing to a more secured and stable maritime environment on a global scale.

Source: Marketing unit


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