Admission To New Programmes In Autocad For 2019/2020 Academic Year - Regional Maritime University

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the following newly introduced programmes in AutoCAD for the 2019/2020 Academic Year commencing SEPTEMBER 2019. 

NB: Application form can be downloaded below:


The AutoCAD Basic/Intermediate introduces basic techniques and tools required to enable proficiency in the use of AutoCAD software and in creating and editing simple drawings. Students will be exposed to concepts such as understanding AutoCAD workspace/user interface, opening an existing drawing, using the drawing and modifying tools, creating layers, text manager, dimension manager, leader manager and tables etc.


  • Candidates will understand the fundamental tools involved in using AutoCAD.
  • Candidates will be able to build competence with how to use tools required for Computer Aided Designs.
  • Candidate will be able to navigate throughout AutoCAD using major navigating tools and understand the concept and techniques in drawing.
  • The program will expose candidates to the use of AutoCAD for multiple designs using several tool. It is expected that candidates will be able to create layers to control the objects’ visibility and use constraint for certain designs.
  • Candidates will be enabled to create complex drawings, inserting blocks and X ref including customizing drawing templates.

FEES:  220.00USD (GH₡ 1000)




The AutoCAD Advanced introduces the concepts behind isometric drawings, 3D modelling in AutoCAD. This course will provide candidates with the needed proficiency in the use of AutoCAD software in creating and editing 3D drawings. Topics to be covered includes solid modelling and editing demands, creating 3D models from 2D models and rendering models, plotting 3D models or exporting as images for presentation and many more.


  • Candidates will understand the fundamental tools involved in using AutoCAD for Isometric drawings.
  • Candidates will create 3D models from 2D designs.
  • Candidates will be exposed to the use of solid modelling, surface modelling and mesh modelling techniques.
  • Candidates will be equipped to creating multiple viewports.
  • The program will prepare candidates to produce visualizations of models incorporating materials.
  • Candidates will be enabled to produce visualizations of models incorporating lighting.
  • Candidates will be exposed to the skills in interpreting drawings and presentations.

FEES: 356.00USD ((GH₡ 1612.00)




AutoCAD Plant 3D is a plant layout design tool used by designers and engineers to model and document process plants in 3D. AutoCAD Plant 3D teaches new users how to use key features for building, maintaining and creating content for 3D process plant models. Sessions cover creating projects and P&IDs, creating structures, creating equipment, editing specifications and catalogs, adding valves, fittings and pipe supports, creating orthographic drawings and managing data and creating reports.

  • Candidates will have comprehensive overview of the AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D.
  • Candidates will be able to setup projects and administration.
  • Candidates will be equipped to create P&IDs using symbols related to various standards such as PIP, ISO, ISA, DIN, and JIS-ISO.
  • The program will enable candidates to edit specifications and catalogs.
  • Candidates will gain intrinsic knowledge into Plant layout and arrangements.
  • Candidates will be able to generate isometric drawings, which can be used to manufacture.

FEES: 397.00USD (GH₡ 1796.00)



Steel fabricators typically have very specific standards that govern how their documents look (and what their crews are expecting to see on those documents), candidates for this course will explore how to customize Advance Steel software to accommodate fabricator standards, produce common CNC (computer numerical control) files, and automatically create documents that display the information that fabrication crews can easily read and interpret. The overall goal is to enhance productivity and reduce rework and fabrication errors through customization tools within Advance Steel software.


  • Candidates will be enabled to understand the fundamental tools involved in using Autodesk Advance Steel.
  • Candidates will learn how to customize the automatically generated fabrication drawings in Advance Steel to the liking of a steel fabricator.
  • This program will enlighten candidates to incorporate custom connections that are commonly used by a steel fabricator for easy reuse on all detailing projects.
  • Candidates will be equipped to create 3D models and associated documents in the shortest possible time.
  • Candidate will be able to automatically generate shop drawings and general arrangement drawings to your specifications with flexible formatting options.
  • The program will broaden the scope of candidates to better understand best practices and pitfalls to avoid in Advance Steel to generate consistent, quality output drawings and data

FEES: 397.00USD (GH₡ 1796.00)


Target Group:

Process Plant Control Engineers, Plant Maintenance Engineers, SurveyorsArchitects, Civil Engineers, Graphic Designers, Building Information managers, Structural Engineers, Electrical Controls & System DesignersContractors, Steel Fabricators, Steel detailers, Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, Town Planners, Artist, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,  and Industrial Engineers.




  • Minimum entry requirement WASSCE/SSSCE/NECO/ NAPTEX, or maximum entry requirement DEGREE OR PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES.
  • Knowledge in computing will be an added advantage.



[i]        Download the application form attached, to be completed and sent to RMU admission office or through postage to the address below:


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