RMU holds health screening for Nungua community - Regional Maritime University

As part of the Cooperate Social Responsibility of the University, the Student Representative Council (S.R.C) of the Regional Maritime University (RMU) organized a free health screening exercise for the Nungua Community on Saturday, 16th March, 2019 in Accra.


A section of the patients (left aligned) receiving medical care.

This laudable initiative was part of efforts by the S.R.C to support the people within the community address key health concerns including blood pressure, hypertension, hepatitis, and H.I.V as well as blood donation.

Explaining the rationale behind the health screening, the S.R.C President, Dikwal Emmanuel Maclean, clarified that the exercise was a step to reach out to the Nungua Community where the University is located.  He added that, the University had plans underway to sustain the activity and make it an annual event for the community. 

Right seated is Sikah Sallah, a level 100 student of the Ports and Shipping Administration Department helping with the exercise.

Ms. Matilda Gyamfi from the Ministry of Health added that issues of healthy sustained living must be of importance to all. She urged all to be mindful of their health by having regular health checks and also partake in community health screenings.

Ms. Matilda Gyamfi checking the blood pressure of a patient.

In totality, over hundred people participated in the exercise. A patient under review, expressed appreciation to the University for the Pre-emptive Gesture. 

Information Source: Marketing Unit

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