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Name  :     Facilitation Of Youth Employment In The Maritime Sector

Client  :     UNDP/Ministry Of Manpower, Youth And Employment

Nature:     To Train Large Numbers Of Youth In Maritime Technical Skills For The

                International Market

Date   :     2006  2008                                                                Value: $ 75,000.00


Name :    Training And Certification And Licensing Of Boat Operators And Mechanics On

               The Volta Lake.


Client   :    Ghana Maritime Authority

Nature :    Training And Certification Of Boat Operators To Improve Safety On The Volta


Date    :    2008                                                                           Value: $ 45,000.00


Name   :   Quality Assurance For Ghana Maritime Authority

Nature :    To Set Up A Quality Management System To ISO 9001/2000

                Standard For The Ghana Maritime Authority.

Date    :    2008                                                                             Value: $ 20,000.00


Name   :   Policy Framework On Youth Employment In The Maritime sector

Nature :   To Draft Key Policy Guidelines For Youth Employment In The Maritime                                      


Client  :   UNDP/Ministry Of Manpower, Youth And Employment

Date   :   2007-2010                                                                  Value: $ 40,000.00


Name  :    Instrumentation Engineer: Tor RFCC Project

Client  :    Tema Oil Refinery

Nature:    RMU Provided One Staff As Instrumentation Supervisor To Supervise   

               Piping And Instrumentation Construction On RFCC Project.


Date   :    2000 – 2003                                                                Value:$ 30,000.00


Name  :    Procurement And Installation Of A Full Mission Ship Simulator At  

               Regional Maritime University

Client  :    International Transport Federation/RMU

Nature:    Design Specifications, Preparation Of Contract Documents Evaluation Of 

               Bids, Award Of Contract And Supervision Of Construction And   


Date   :    2008                                                                           Value $ 700,000.00


Name  :    Supervision Of Construction Of Two Oil Barges, Pusher Boat Floating

                Dock, Storage Tanks, Jetty  And Ancillary Facilities At Debre

Client  :    Bulk Oil Storage And Transportation Company

Date   :    2009 – 2011                                     Value Of Project:  $30,000,000.00


Name  :   Master  Plan For The Medium And Long Term Development  PSC Tema     


Client  :   PSC Tema Shipyard

Date   :   2010-2011


Name  :   Survey Of Salt Production Industry On The Songhor And Keta Lagoons,

               (Proposed Schemes For Location Of Mini Harbours And Jettys For The 

               Bulk Transportation Of Salt To Neighbouring Countries)

Client  :   Minerals Commission, European Union.

Date   :   2008 - 2009


Name  :    Rehabilitation Of Cathodic Protection System For Steel Piling At Efasu

                Lagoon And Docks For The Osagyefo Barge

Client :     VRA

Date  :     2008