Purpose of the policy

The RMU Research Policy is based on the mission statement of the university, the relevant part of which reads thus: The Regional Maritime University is a Sub-regional Tertiary Institution that exists to enhance the development of the Maritime Transport Sector and Fishing Industry in Member States through the maritime education of students, training of maritime personnel, research and consultancy and promotion of maritime cooperation.  It is in accordance with the Strategic Plans of the University which derive from the mission statement[1].

This policy sets out the framework within which academic staff at the university will carry out their required research obligation, and in which graduate students can engage and be supported in their research.

The Regional Maritime University’s academic and research strengths lie in the energies and commitment of all its academic practitioners, especially its individual full-time, permanent academic members of staff.  The University recognises research activity as a normal part of academic staff duties and expects all such staff to be actively engaged in research[2]. That engagement implies that staff should:

  • Have clearly identified research agenda over the short to medium term and associated with specific targets
  • Be committed to researching and publishing in their area(s) of expertise
  • Be engaged in the research activities of their faculties and departments
  • Be involved in the research community of their area(s) of expertise at national, sub-regional and other international levels
  • Communicate the results of their research to the wider public
  • Use their research to inform their teaching
  • Supervise, where possible, undergraduate project and postgraduate research work

[1] It is also in accordance with the Strategic Plans of the University.  The 2008-2012 plan has, for example, strategy 4 of Goal 2, the strengthening of research in the University.

[2] It is acknowledged that other staff not in this category may be research active and will be supported by the University as necessary.