Introduction to the policy

The Regional Maritime University defines research as the systematic and critical search for knowledge; the process of formulating and seeking (in an academically integrated manner) empirical answers to relevant questions in the natural, physical or social world.  Research includes the studious discovery and examination of facts and accepted theories/laws and their application in policy and practice.  For the RMU, the context of such an endeavour is the domain of maritime policy, practice and pedagogy for the purpose of advancing human knowledge in the maritime industry.  The output of research at RMU therefore, is intended to be the descriptive, explanatory, predictive, evaluative and speculative analyses of relevant maritime-related topics.

The RMU policy serves, among other things, as an indication of the University’s commitment to facilitate and sustain a high-quality research culture and to optimise the research abilities of its faculty.  While the research agenda, policy and strategy are primarily focused on academic staff of the University, it is expected that the research culture will positively influence the work of both under-graduate and post-graduate students of the University.