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Vice Chancellor's Excellence Award


Eric Burphy Duncan – Coordinator of Students Affairs

Joined the Regional Maritime University in May, 2008 from his home country, Liberia as Dean of Students Affairs and later designated as the Coordinator of Students Affairs. He holds Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He loves social work. Mr. Duncan has selflessly served in the University for 9 years



For your devoted service as Students Affairs Coordinator since 2008. You are tenacious and a pillar to the maintenance of a cordial and friendly students’ front. You manage and mediate with warmth and competence. Your close and seamless cooperation with the Students Representative Council (SRC) concerns promotes a harmonious learning environment.  Your exemplary leadership has built up their morale and has instilled discipline and cooperation among the entire Cadets Regiment.

The University acknowledges you as extraordinary worker who deserves the Vice Chancellors Award for 2017.

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