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Applications are invited from ALL with general school education seeking to improve their English to enroll on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY COURSE at the Regional Maritime University, Accra.


Learning outcome

This course is designed to help non-English speaking learners/students improve their English language proficiency.   It seeks to address the four basic aspects of language learning – listening, speaking, reading and writing.   By the end of the course you should be able to:


  1. easily perform listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks in English;
  2. apply new language skills to your professional or academic endeavours with good results;
  3. effectively interact with English speakers and to make academic or professional progress, among others.


The English Language proficiency course is intended for:

  1. non-English speakers desirous of pursuing higher education in countries where English is used as the medium of instruction;
  2. French speakers working in English-speaking environments especially in the port or shipping industry;
  3. non-English speaking seafarers or those studying to become one from the west and central African countries such as Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Cameroun, Togo and Angola. It is important to enroll because English is the international language for maritime business and should be learnt;
  4. all persons who wish to improve their English language proficiency for pleasure or for career enhancement.


Duration:        This is a one month (i.e.100 hours) intensive course that runs from 0830 to 1530 with one hour break, Monday through Friday, in the month of July of every year.   This session is expected to run from  3rd to 28th July, 2017.



Fee:                 USD750.00. The course fee covers 1) certificate, 2) lesson notes 3) educational trip to a sea port and a cultural heritage site. It does not include meals and accommodation but can be arranged on campus.


Entry Requirement:  Anyone with a general school education can apply.


  1. Learn in a serene environment;
  2. Obtain  a proficiency certificate from the Regional Maritime University (RMU), an international higher education institution owned by countries across west and central Africa, namely, Cameroun, the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone;
  3. Educational visit to places of interest in an organized group.



The deadline for receipt of applications for the first Session of the Programme is  Friday 23rd June, 2017. 

Applications received after deadline will be compiled for the next Session of the Programme. 

For further information, please contact:                                                                            

Telephone Numbers          : +233 302 714070 / 719390 / 712343 / 712775

Fax Numbers                     : +233 302 714070 / 712047

E-mail Address                 : /  





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